A Relationship in the making

I pulled you in from all over the world, called you in from every dark corner of the earth, Telling you, ‘You’re my servant, serving on my side. I’ve picked you. I haven’t dropped you.’ Don’t panic. I’m with you. There’s no need to fear for I’m your God. I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you. I’ll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you. (Isaiah 41:9-10 MSG)

“When you worry.

You’ve been on my mind and heart. I see you struggling and planning, worrying and sweating, crying and running, at a furious pace. You’re trying to move that mountain by yourself again, huh?

God asks that we cast all our cares on Him because He cares. Think about what your worrying says to God when you refuse to give things over to Him. When you worry about money, you’re telling Him He is unable to provide for His children. Although He has riches beyond belief in Heaven, He is too stingy to share them with you.

When you worry no one understands you, you’re telling Him although He has been with you since before you were formed in the womb, and has carved you into the palm of His hand, He doesn’t know you. When you worry whether you will have enough food, you’re telling Him that although He rained down bread from Heaven in the desert to feed His children, you are the one He’s forgotten.

When you worry your enemies will have victory over you, you’re telling God although He has given you spiritual battle gear to defend yourself, despite His track record of being a giant slayer, Red Sea divider, lion’s mouth closer and a furnace cooler, He can’t handle your co-worker, your neighbor or a former friend.

When you worry your children have decided to follow the world instead of your example, you’re telling God He doesn’t keep His promises. Despite the fact you have raised them up in the way they should go, they’ll stray because basically, He lied.

When you worry because the doctors have told you children are impossible, a cure is impossible, healing is impossible, you’re telling Him this world controls your fate. You’re saying prayer time with Him is merely something to pass the time. You’re saying although He raised the dead, made a virgin conceive, opened the womb of a woman well past eighty, healed a 12 year issue of blood, made the blind see and the lame walk, He can’t help you.

When you worry you won’t be able to do enough to earn forgiveness, you’re telling Him “that’s ok Lord, no need for Your Son to die, I can earn my own forgiveness.” Let’s just act like Jesus never died, and tell Him never mind, He doesn’t need to go to the cross.

When you worry no one will love you, that you’ll be lonely for the rest of your life, you’re telling Him that His love is insufficient. He couldn’t possibly love you enough to ward away loneliness. You’re saying although He has promised life more abundantly, He was lying. Despite the fact He started off saying that it is not good that we be alone, He’s changed His mind.

When you worry and refuse to give the problem over to Him, you’re telling Him although He could create the world He can’t handle what’s going on in your world, so you will. You are saying He won’t work things out, obstacles cannot be overcome, mountains cannot be climbed, healing cannot occur, what is lost will not be found, joy does not come in the morning, He is not the God of a second chance, the promised land has been swallowed up by the desert, you have discovered the height, depth and width of His love and found it to fall short of your needs.

Think about all you’re saying to the one who loves you the most and who has all power. Really think about it.

Now open you hands and release what you’ve been holding. Bow down on your knees and ask forgiveness for doubting Him. Walk away with a peaceful heart noting the footsteps going before you making the crooked places straight. He will provide food in the wilderness and cause water to spring forth in the desert. Stand in a stream with waters around your ankles. The waters that pass by you at that moment will never be there again. So it is with the past. Let it go!”

-Bishop T.D Jakes